Our Mission (Why are we so cool?)

Earle Rothwell caught the barbeque cooking bug as a teenager. Nothing unusual about that, except that he grew up in California! Years later, and countless bbq parties and catering jobs large and small, Earle has developed a cooking style built on a fusion between traditional barbecue foundations and fresh California agriculture. It’s California outdoor entertaining at its finest.

Earl’s Gone Wild products contain no preservatives, HFCS, gums or fillers. Earle likes to say he makes his products out of food. Why would you want anything else?!

We’ve worked very hard to avoid adding any unnecessary ingredients to our products. Again, it would have been easier and cheaper to use High Fructose Corn Syrup instead of real sugar. We encourage you to read our labels. You won’t find anything mysterious or difficult to pronounce. It comforts us, and we hope it comforts our customers.

Also, in the interest of supporting our domestic and local economy, Earl’s Gone Wild makes every effort to buy only U.S. made supplies and services. While this is not always possible, we feel we’ve done a pretty good job of it. Our food products are manufactured in California, and the sauces and jams are even bottled in U.S. glass bottles.

Sure, it would be easier, and cheaper, for us to buy imported goods. But at Earl’s Gone Wild we value quality and sustainability over saving a buck. Call us crazy, but we feel that what comes around, goes around. The lack of jobs in our beautiful country is proof enough for us to do the right thing.

We hope you appreciate our efforts as much as the quality of our products. Thank you for your thoughtful support!


Earl’s Gone Wild products are distributed in the Southwest U.S. by Gourmet Merchants International and are also available for direct ordering by contacting support@earlsgonewild.com

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EGW is fantastic!

Tonight I'll be dipping chicken drumsticks! This is the best BBQ sauce I've had in a very long time! It's AWESOME!"

Paul - Cerritos, CA