Announcing a new gourmet BBQ sauce! - Earl’s Gone Wild California Barbecue Sauce

Ventura, California – January 3, 2011 - Earl’s Gone Wild is owned and operated by Earle Rothwell and Lee Manning, two former original cast members of the popular rock and roll circus act Dread Zeppelin ( Earle performed as Charlie Haj, “The man who hands Tortelvis his water and towels on stage.” Lee brainstormed behind the board as Rasta Li-Mon, the mad producer, engineer and music programmer. The original Dread Zeppelin sold over 500,000 CDs and traveled around the world several times playing live before calling it quits in the mid 90’s.

Like many good home cooks, Earle was constantly encouraged by his friends and family to take his recipes to market. Lee agreed to help and the two started down the long road of adapting Earle’s original barbecue sauce kitchen recipe to a working manufacturing recipe. Earle and Lee worked hard and spared no expense in pursuit of an ingredients list devoid of any artificial stabilizers, dyes, preservatives or sweeteners. Earle says, “We had people warning us that the ingredients might settle and separate, or that the sauce could be made cheaper. It has always been my feeling that our customers will place a premium on our product if we make it our way, and that they’d be happy to shake the bottle if needed. So, we stuck to our guns.”

Earle and Lee are now proud to announce that the second batch of Earl’s Gone Wild California Barbecue Sauce rolled off the production line in December. “There were times when we thought we’d never be able to make our first batch,” says Lee. “Then, when we did that, we thought it would take forever to sell it all, and here we are two months later making our second batch! People really seem to like it. It’s exciting for us.”

The second batch of California Barbecue Sauce will feature a new foodservice one gallon size container as well as the generously sized 19 ounce glass decanter for retail. The boys are also planning the release of Earle’s signature seasoning blend “California Spice” in early 2011.

Earl’s Gone Wild California Barbecue Sauce is currently available for purchase online at and at a growing selection of California specialty food stores.

The Earl’s Gone Wild Mission (Why are we so cool?)

In the interest of supporting our domestic and local economy, Earl’s Gone Wild makes every effort to buy only U.S. made supplies and services. While this is not always possible, we feel we’ve done a pretty good job of it. All of our apparel is 100% Made in America. Our food products are manufactured in California, and the sauces are even bottled in U.S. glass bottles.

Sure, it would be easier, and much cheaper, for us to buy imported goods. But at Earl’s Gone Wild we value quality and sustainability over saving a buck. Call us crazy, but we feel that what comes around goes around. The lack of jobs in our beautiful country is proof enough for us to do the right thing.

Another cause close to our hearts is producing healthful food products. We’ve worked very hard to avoid adding any unnecessary ingredients to our products. Again, it would have been easier and cheaper to use High Fructose Corn Syrup instead of real sugar. We encourage you to read our labels. You won’t find anything mysterious or difficult to pronounce. It comforts us, and we hope it comforts our customers.

We hope you appreciate our efforts as much as the quality of our products. Thank you for your thoughtful support!

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